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About Us

Legacy Chiller Systems was launched in 1997 as a result of many years of direct customer experience in the Commercial Industrial service industry. This experience helped us identify the weak links in competing solutions and exposed real opportunities for flexibility in design, ease of maintenance and high levels of reliability.

Our Vision

Legacy Chiller Systems, Inc. will become the ideal resource for fluid cooling and conditioning solutions by providing equipment, materials and services to manufacturers, and end-users of “Mission-Critical” fluid cooled process equipment. Our solutions will be ideal when downtime is not acceptable.

Our Mission

We will provide our customers tangible value through the quality of our products and highly qualified customer support before, during and after the sale

Our operational standard

Legacy Chiller Systems shall standout as a leader in the chiller manufacturing industry through consistently delivering quality goods and services at a fair and profitable price. As part of our Total Solution Environment, Legacy Chiller Systems will use only the highest quality components and will strive to select components that are readily available in the general HVACR market preventing our customers from having to purchase expensive OEM maintenance components

Key business strategies

  1. Create opportunities for quality people that will contribute to the success of the company.
  2. Our leaders remain open minded enough to act on developing opportunities.
  3. Nurture contacts and relationships that contribute to the success of the company.
  4. Create true win/win relationships for partners and future investors.
  5. Maintain high levels of financial oversight and responsibility.

Our air cooled water chillers offer many features and options in the area of industrial chillers. Legacy Chiller Systems’ team of professional engineers has been building air cooled chillers for more than 30 years. We have the experience, professionalism, and the know-how to guide you through the chiller system selection process. Check out the features listed on this page and call one of our engineers if you would like to discuss our industrial chiller systems in more detail.

Legacy Chiller Systems has been building custom air cooled water chillers since the early 70’s. With our highly experienced professional engineers we are able to offer the most options and flexibility in our chiller system designs.

Air cooled water chillers are beneficial for a variety of industrial chiller applications, along with many others. Also, by using an air-cooled chiller system, no additional equipment is needed, which is very cost efficient.

Legacy Chiller Systems has made major design updates to our PAC, PACT, ES, EST lines to provide reliable chiller system operation for temperatures up to 120F ambient and down to -30F ambient. These new applications are ideal for year round air-cooled chiller systems for regions with extraordinarily high and low temperatures.

Would you like to discuss our air cooled chillers with a process engineer?
Call toll free 877-988-5464 or  530-344-1105


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