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wine making chiller

Fermentation Solution



Fermentation Solution

Wine Making Chillers are specifically designed for ease of installation and efficient operation. Legacy Chiller Systems manufactures a leading line of Wine Making Chillers. If you are planning the installation of a new winery or distillery operation, let Legacy Chillers assist you in selecting the right fluid cooling chiller solution for your needs. We can also assist with redesign, replacement or upgrading of existing process chiller systems as well.

Legacy's fully programmable system controllers allow the wine making industry to maintain tank temperature for wine making fermentation chillers and cold stabilization with ease. Our controllers are extremely flexible and fully expandable to include:

  • Full chiller and pump control
  • Remote PC interface
  • Remote trouble alarming
  • Real-time tank temperature reporting

This advanced, high quality chiller system technology is not as expensive as you might think!

Common Use

  • Initial pull down of the processed grapes. Depending on where harvested, grapes can come in from the field as warm as 100F. Once they are crushed its necessary to cool the juice in preparation for the fermentation process.
  • Fermentation control: Once the initial pulldown is complete, the wine maker will start the process of fermenting the juice. Fermentation is the process where the sugar within the juice is converted to alcohol. Wine makers commonly used yeast to do this. As the yeast consumes sugars, it generates heat. Without cooling the temperature of the fermenting juice quickly gets to the point where it will begging to kill off the yeast. When this happens the wine maker can potentially have a real problem on their hands to restart the fermentation process. During this critical step, chillers are used to remove the exact amount of heat from the juice to keep the fermentation stable.
  • Lastly for white wines there is a process called " cold stabilization". This is a process where the finished wine, just before bottling gets cooled down to just below freezing. During this process dissolved solids fall out of suspension and drop to the bottom of the tank. Without this process, the first time you where to chill a bottle of white you would see unsightly solids form on the bottom of the bottle.

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